We all have a story to tell, and Melissa is happy to share her interesting and somewhat  challenging personal story, her WHY, and the origins behind CONNECTION MARKETING...
Because, our story is what makes us so UNIQUE. And it should be shared.


Hi, my name is Melissa, and I’m the Founder and Director of Divine Creative Agency and the very proud creator of our online course Connection Marketing – Rockstar Brand Edition.

I've also recently started my own podcast called CONNECTED - with Melissa J Scott

You could say that I'm pretty obsessed with the idea of connection in both personal and business. I’m leading a Connection Movement across the globe, because I believe the western world are starving ourselves of true connection by burying ourselves in busy-ness to fill the gaps in our lives, and the podcast addresses these concepts each week with a new guest speaking on the topic.

These are interesting times that we live in, and I believe that we will really come to crave authentic connections when we begin to discover that technology is merely the tool that keeps us connected. Now that we are being forced to connect through technology through self isolation and forced lockdowns, we will reach for the brands and the people that make us feel more, and less for the shallow and ingenuine.

My mission is to impact over a million Business Owners, Brand and Marketing Managers, by making their businesses and brands cut through all the 'noise' with Connection Marketing and be the success they should be.

Technology doesn't make us connected... showing up authentically and with a desire to do good things in the world through your business and personal brand does. And that’s where we can have the greatest impact.

So it wouldn’t be very authentic of me if I didn’t give you a really good insight into WHO I am, WHAT I do, what INSPIRED me to create the program and philosophy behind Connection Marketing, and most importantly, share my WHY with you.

My values in life and business are:


These come through loud and clear in everything that I do across areas of life and business, and hopefully they resonate with you too! 

This is way too long to transcribe, so instead we’ve catalogued all the interesting bits and you can fast forward through if you are phobic about 20 minute videos!! I hope this gives you a lot of insight into what I’m about and more importantly, how adopting Connection Marketing can really help your business and share your goodness with the world.

"Get on board the Connection Movement and implement Connection Marketing in your business. As a business owner, you have so much to share with the world and make a real impact. We no longer rely on large corporations to initiate change and disruption in the world. Smaller businesses and authentic tribes of active followers are making all the difference and causing real change."

Be the change that you wish to see in the world!

But first you need to attract the right kind of connection and attention through Connection Marketing your message to the world.

Melissa x


Important places in the video:

0.37 – A little about me, a trained graphic designer for the past 25 years and from a regional NSW team called Temora, in the Riverina.

1.20 – Moved up to Sydney at 17, went to Uni at 21, completing a Bachelor of Design.

1.50 – My first business was Leeway Design Group with a business partner, working on big projects such as the official Travel Agents for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

2.15 – Had my first son Kurt and started Divine Creative Agency on my own, with the dream of all small business owners to have flexibility and freedom in my life. 

3.25 – I had 3 sons close in age, and as they grew I scaled my business up with a small team and started working with small business people, because like attracts like.

4.00 – The face of marketing starts to change with the internet, becoming a level playing field to market business owners as their point of difference and for the first time compete with larger brands. A very exciting time for business owners!

4.45 – 8 years ago, I speak about my extensive experience in the caravan and camping industry – working with normal people and building their brands through social media and video, and experiencing the massive traction gained through personal brand presence – there is where the idea of Connection Marketing was born. 

7.28 – Why Connection Marketing? Because we are essentially tribe-dwellers, and being part of something bigger than us is in our DNA.

8.15 – Make the customer-facing people in your business the heroes of your industry. 

8.30 – The benefits of Connection Marketing, including a true, deep connection with your audience and your team having a two way conversation with your brand. Includes loyalty, referrals, a happy culture, staff retention, and honest engagement.

9.35 – Honest feedback from your loyal audience, because they want to make you better because they are so invested in you and want to see you do well. This is what a true fan looks like.

10.25 – Connection is weaved into every area of your business, when you’re connected to your own message, your WHO, WHAT, HOW and WHY shine through. When you communicate this message in your marketing, the people that love you will hear it.

11.08 – Clutter and miscommunication of information seeking attention, rather than achieving connection.

11.38 – The ways humans have connected to heroes in the past including actors, rockstars, tv stars, reality stars, influencers and now… normal authentic every day humans that aren’t afraid to represent their brands.

13.20 – The reason behind I do what I do… sharing the real story. From being a single mum supporting my family for most of my adult life, having 3 sons and relying solely on myself to raise them, doing the juggle of business owner and mum.

14.43 – This is what motivates me to touch the lives of millions of people to do their lives better through connection marketing and having more successful businesses and therefore their life. People will resonate with you, there is somebody for everyone if you are just authentic, telling it how it is and being real.

15.58 – At 45 years old my husband died suddenly and I was widowed. I share the story about how I managed this period of time running my business as I was again the sole income earner. Connecting with my audience honestly and earnestly kept my business afloat when clients and prospects were wondering if they should stay away.

18.44 – Passion and how it has to come through in every aspect of your life.

19.00 – Disconnection through our mobile phones, the very thing that is supposed to keep us connected!

19.20 – It starts with running your business successfully, and striving for personal success so you can really make a difference in your industry and your life.



As humans, we are all hard-wired to connect. It's in our DNA. In this digital age, we have never been more connected and yet so isolated. CONNECTION MARKETING bridges that gap.

“You CONNECT by investing your time, being generous with ideas, and sharing experiences. You do not connect by trying to gain people’s approval by being false or creating noise just to get attention.

True connection feels AUTHENTIC. When you’re being your true self and your goal is to help, your marketing never feels like selling, and you can never be copied.”
Melissa J Scott


Want to Learn More About the CONNECTION MARKETING Online 8 Week Program?

For the first time ever this course is available to EVERYONE, not just the business owners that can afford one to one consulting. The business environment has completely changed in the past few weeks! How we used to attract clients does not apply any more. If you are serious about your business you need to check this out.

Our mission is to positively impact 1,000,000 business owners with CONNECTION MARKETING and change the face of business.

Technology on its own doesn't make us connected... showing up authentically and with a desire to do good things in the world through your business and personal brand does.
Want to be part of the Connection Movement and stay up to date with what we're doing? Our course is now open with the special 'thrive' package offer. If you want to hear more from us, please share your details.


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